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About Us

Indian Trading Agency and Store

Chip's family owned the First Indian Trading Agency and Store (later became the C.W. Carpenter and Company) in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Adrian Insurance Agency
Serving your needs since 1916


In 1916, Adrian Insurance Agency was founded. President Woodrow Wilson occupied the White House and our agency represented The Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia, one of the earlier insurance companies in the United States.

Back then our customers would pay cash and use a horse and buggy to reach our office. Today, our customers can still come in to pay, with cash, usually with a check, or if they are too busy our clients can transfer money electronically.

One thing that has not changed since 1916 — how we treat our customers. Our common sense approach has earned the trust of the public. We know our customers by name not an account number. Our clients trust us by our reputation that we will take care of them in times of need.


You can reach us anytime at (517) 265-2196 or

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